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We don’t waste time with a lot of flash on the walls. Most of what we do is customized for the client. We’d love to create something unique to you. Everyone has their dream tattoo, and we’d love to be apart of that! Take a look at our artist portfolios as well as the videos we have published on youtube to see if your interested in the sort of work we do.

We love high detail black and gray work, but we aren’t opposed to color either. Portraits, day of the dead, customized pieces, we do it all! Take a few moments to browse our artist portfolios.

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Went for a nostril piercing, saw Debbie. She is wonderful, kind and very professional. Very clean and I will definitely be back for more!
Jasmine H.




Caring for Your New Tattoo

Once your artist has finished his or her work and you have left our studio, it’s up to you to take good care of your new tattoo, piercing or body art. Taking care of your tattoo is just as important as your tattoo selection! It’s very important that you follow these aftercare guidelines.



Tattoos: the Seven-Step Plan

Tattooing involves piercing thousands of tiny holes in the skin at rapid speed. Your skin reacts to this as it would to any other wound, and it takes some time for the body to heal and the tattoo to set. At this stage, proper care is of the utmost importance to avoid dangerous infections that can ruin your tattoo and cause health problems.To ensure proper care of your new tattoo, we recommend you follow these seven essential steps:

  1. Remove the bandage after two to three hours; until then, don’t touch!
  2. Wash the entire tattoo area gently with cold water and a neutral or antibacterial soap
  3. Pat the area dry with a clean paper towel
  4. Apply a thin layer of Aquatat lotion. This is important NEVER PUT SCENTED LOTION ON YOUR TATTOO!
  6. Never scratch the skin, pick at scabs or peel at the tattoo! We know it itches, leave it alone =)
  7. Avoid baths, swimming pools etc. and keep the tattooed area shielded from direct sunlight for at least ten days.
  8. Always apply high-SPF sunblock to the tattoo area before exposing it to direct sunlight.

If you follow these seven steps, your tattoo should set nicely within roughly two weeks. By the way, the same procedures apply to cosmetic tattoos. Don’t forget to come back to our studio for a free checkup!

Piercing Aftercare

Even a perfectly done piercing job can cause problems if proper care is not taken afterwards. People’s bodies react differently to various materials, but if your body is not compatible with your purchase you can exchange it for a suitable material at no extra cost.

Body piercings should be cleaned at least once a day, preferably twice, until they are fully healed. Be careful not to overclean, as this can cause irritation and slow down the healing process.

Before each cleaning, thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water. Rinse the pierced area with warm water and use a cotton swab to remove any crust (never use your fingernails for this). Apply a small amount of cleaning solution and gently cleanse the pierced area

along with the jewelry. Move the piece back and forth a bit to work the solution inside. Leave to dry or rinse under running water while gently rotating the jewelry.

Various skin types react differently to piercings, and some amount of bleeding, bruising, discoloring and/or swelling may occur. Please be patient as the wound heals. During this process there may also be secretion of a yellow-white fluid; this is normal and a sign of healing. If uncommon symptoms develop, contact us immediately.


(Please call ahead to 619-575-6792 to check on piercing availability) 

Price (All prices INCLUDE jewelry. Free numbing with every piercing!) 

Septum: $45.00
Tongue: $40.00
Nipple (Single): $40.00
Nipple (Two): $80.00
Eyebrow: $30.00
Navel/Belly Button: $40.00
Lip/Labret: $40.00
Vertical Lip: $45.00
Snakebites: $70.00 
Spiderbites: $70.00
Industrial: $50.00
Dermal Implant (Single): $50.00
Nose: $40.00
Daith: $40.00
Double Forward Helix: $50.00
Triple Forward Helix: $75.00
Tragus (Single): $35.00
Tragus (Double): $60.00
Medusa: $40.00
1 Ear Piercing(lobe or helix): $30.00
Multiple Ear Piercings(Lobe or helix): $25.00 each


Anyone below the age of 18 who wants to get a piercing MUST bring in their parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian must be present to sign a consent form. Your parent should also bring with them a photo ID. Older brothers or sisters cannot consent for piercing unless they are your legal guardian, and we will ask to see the guardianship papers issued by the court. If the Minor is emancipated, then we will ask to see the emancipation papers issued by the court. WE CANNOT CALL parents for consent. If your parent cannot come with you when you get your piercing, then we cannot do the piercing. We realize that this may be inconvient for some clients, but we are obligated by state law to ensure that when minors get piercings at our shop they have their parents consent.

The following piercings CANNOT be performed on a minor:
Microdermal implants

Piercing F.A.Q.

Important Note:
Minors must be accompanied by an adult and have the written consent of their parents or legal guardian to get a piercing at Wylde Sydes Tattoo & Body Piercing. In accordance with federal, CA state and local laws, Wylde Sydes Tattoo & Body Piercing may reject at its sole discretion unaccompanied minors (ID required) and customers under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

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