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We don’t waste time with a lot of flash on the walls. Most of what we do is customized for the client. We’d love to create something unique to you. Everyone has their dream tattoo, and we’d love to be apart of that! Take a look at our artist portfolios as well as the videos we have published on youtube to see if your interested in the sort of work we do.

We love high detail black and gray work, but we aren’t opposed to color either. Portraits, day of the dead, customized pieces, we do it all! Take a few moments to browse our artist portfolios.

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Caring for Your New Tattoo

Once your artist has finished his or her work and you have left our studio, it’s up to you to take good care of your new tattoo, piercing or body art. Taking care of your tattoo is just as important as your tattoo selection! It’s very important that you follow these aftercare guidelines.



Tattoos: the Seven-Step Plan

Tattooing involves piercing thousands of tiny holes in the skin at rapid speed. Your skin reacts to this as it would to any other wound, and it takes some time for the body to heal and the tattoo to set. At this stage, proper care is of the utmost importance to avoid dangerous infections that can ruin your tattoo and cause health problems.To ensure proper care of your new tattoo, we recommend you follow these seven essential steps:

  1. Remove the bandage after two to three hours; until then, don’t touch!
  2. Wash the entire tattoo area gently with cold water and a neutral or antibacterial soap
  3. Pat the area dry with a clean paper towel
  4. Apply a thin layer of Aquatat lotion. This is important NEVER PUT SCENTED LOTION ON YOUR TATTOO!
  6. Never scratch the skin, pick at scabs or peel at the tattoo! We know it itches, leave it alone =)
  7. Avoid baths, swimming pools etc. and keep the tattooed area shielded from direct sunlight for at least ten days.
  8. Always apply high-SPF sunblock to the tattoo area before exposing it to direct sunlight.

If you follow these seven steps, your tattoo should set nicely within roughly two weeks. By the way, the same procedures apply to cosmetic tattoos. Don’t forget to come back to our studio for a free checkup!

Piercing Aftercare

Even a perfectly done piercing job can cause problems if proper care is not taken afterwards. People’s bodies react differently to various materials, but if your body is not compatible with your purchase you can exchange it for a suitable material at no extra cost.

Body piercings should be cleaned at least once a day, preferably twice, until they are fully healed. Be careful not to overclean, as this can cause irritation and slow down the healing process.

Before each cleaning, thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water. Rinse the pierced area with warm water and use a cotton swab to remove any crust (never use your fingernails for this). Apply a small amount of cleaning solution and gently cleanse the pierced area

along with the jewelry. Move the piece back and forth a bit to work the solution inside. Leave to dry or rinse under running water while gently rotating the jewelry.

Various skin types react differently to piercings, and some amount of bleeding, bruising, discoloring and/or swelling may occur. Please be patient as the wound heals. During this process there may also be secretion of a yellow-white fluid; this is normal and a sign of healing. If uncommon symptoms develop, contact us immediately.


(Please call ahead to 619-575-6792 to check on piercing availability) 

Price (All prices INCLUDE jewelry. Free numbing with every piercing!) 

Septum: $45.00
Tongue: $40.00
Nipple (Single): $40.00
Nipple (Two): $80.00
Eyebrow: $30.00
Navel/Belly Button: $40.00
Lip/Labret: $40.00
Vertical Lip: $45.00
Snakebites: $70.00 
Spiderbites: $70.00
Industrial: $50.00
Dermal Implant (Single): $50.00
Nose: $40.00
Daith: $40.00
Double Forward Helix: $50.00
Triple Forward Helix: $75.00
Tragus (Single): $35.00
Tragus (Double): $60.00
Medusa: $40.00
1 Ear Piercing(lobe or helix): $30.00
Multiple Ear Piercings(Lobe or helix): $25.00 each


Anyone below the age of 18 who wants to get a piercing MUST bring in their parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian must be present to sign a consent form. Your parent should also bring with them a photo ID. Older brothers or sisters cannot consent for piercing unless they are your legal guardian, and we will ask to see the guardianship papers issued by the court. If the Minor is emancipated, then we will ask to see the emancipation papers issued by the court. WE CANNOT CALL parents for consent. If your parent cannot come with you when you get your piercing, then we cannot do the piercing. We realize that this may be inconvient for some clients, but we are obligated by state law to ensure that when minors get piercings at our shop they have their parents consent.

The following piercings CANNOT be performed on a minor:
Microdermal implants

Piercing F.A.Q.

Do you numb for piercings?

Yes, we use a variety of numbing gels and creams. For oral piercings we’ll use a flavored numbing gel that contains lidocaine, tetracaine, or benzocaine. If you are allergic to any of these over-the-counter numbing gels please inform your piercer! Of course, before we begin we will always ask you to disclose any potential allergies to your piercer.

Some piercers feel that numbing is a bad thing. We respectfully disagree, especially during high pain piercings such as nipples or dermal implants. Always keep in mind that no topical anesthetic can make a piercing 100% painless. The goal of any numbing gel or creme is to simply “take the edge off”, or, in other words make the procedure more tolerable and comfortable for the client. We feel that any pain we can relieve safely is a good thing as it significantly reduces the chance a client experiencing difficulty such as passing out or nausea as a result of high pain or stress. In many shops passing out is a fairly common thing — it can happen as often as a few times a week. In our shop, the occurance is very rare — maybe once every 5-6 months. We feel this is a result of relieving some pain with numbing gels/creams and also making sure the client has eaten before they come in for their piercing. More on this in the next question.

What sorts of measures do you take to protect your clients from contamination?

A very good question! Here are just a few of the steps we take to make sure your piercing is safe and clean:
The piercing chair itself is covered with a drape cloth that is disposed of after every client. The arm rests are covered with barrier film, which is also disposed of after every client. After we’re done with the piercing the client chair and armrests are sprayed with a surface decontaminant (typically full-strength cavicide or medacide) in order to kill any biological material.
All jewelry is either implant grade surgical steel (US MADE) or implant grade titanium. The state of california requires body piercing establishments to use ONLY approved materials for body piercings. Jewelry is heat sterilized using an autoclave.
Needles are gas sterilized from the manufacturer in sealed packages containing expiration dates as well as indicators that show the needle was properly gas sterilized. We do not heat sterilize needles as the heat can slightly deform the needle and make it less sharp.
We use a mixture of disposable and reusable surgical steel clamps/hemostats. Instruments that are re-used are placed in a ultrasonic cleaner to remove any biological material, and then placed in an autoclave to kill with 100 percent certainty, any viruses or bacteria. Instruments are inspected by the piercer, and disposed of when they reach the end of their service life.
Countertops, tray tables, and instrument trays are also covered with drape sheets and are also decontaminated between clients.
Cross contamination is a serious issue, and one we are always mindful of. Viruses such as Hep C can survive outside the body at room temperature for as much as 4 days. Proper sterilization procedures must be observed every single time without fail, and we believe we do a good job of this. If you have any additional questions on procedures, feel free to stop by and inspect the piercing room yourself or ask the piercer.

Is there anything I SHOULD do before I come in for a piercing?

Yes, make sure you’ve had something to eat in the last few hours before you come in for your piercing. Your blood sugar level has a direct effect on your bodys ability to withstand stress and pain. If you haven’t had anything to eat in the last few hours before your piercing, there’s a donut shop a few doors down. We’ve been known to send clients there to get a quick sugary bite to eat. When we instituted a policy many years back of making sure our clients have eaten before their piercing — the cases of passing out dropped significantly. So, the lesson here is: Don’t get pierced on an empty stomach. Now, we aren’t saying you should eat a huge meal and come here feeling bloated. What we are saying is that you should have a little something in your stomach before you come in.

Is there anything I SHOULDN'T do before I come in for a piercing?

DON’T take any prescription pain medication, it does almost NOTHING for the pain and thins your blood. Also, we won’t pierce anyone who is obviously under the influence.
DON’T drink any alcohol. Same reason as above. Alcohol will do NOTHING for the pain and thins your blood. We will not pierce anyone who is obviously intoxicated.
REMEMBER: We apply numbing gels to all of our clients (unless they have an allergy).

I have a piercing done at another shop that I’m having trouble with, can I stop by and have your piercer take a look?
Sure, we’ll be more than happy to take a look and give you some advice – even if your piercing was done at another shop. Do keep in mind that if we need to do any actual work on the piercing (such as changing our jewelry) there will be a fee for those services. Typically this fee is $10, but it can be higher depending on how much time the piercer thinks it will take. Don’t worry; we’ll let you know how much before we get started.

My piercing is swollen, is that a bad thing?

Depends on the piercing. Most piercings experience some sort of swelling. For the tongue, that amount is usually significant. For other piercings like the ear lobe or upper cartilage there typically isn’t very much swelling. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re going through the normal amount of swelling associated with your piercing, please stop by and have us take a look. You should NOT apply ice to your piercing for extended periods of time. Keep in mind swelling is usually a normal part of your piercing. The BEST way to manage it is to take a few advil every 4-5 hours. Not only does it help with any soreness, it also is an excellent anti-inflammatory which will help with the swelling.

Remember one important thing: If you’re unsure, if you have questions, we always want to see you back at the shop! Come in and show us and we’ll be more than happy to take a look and make recommendations. Making sure our clients piercings heal properly is part of our job.

Do you have a female body piercer?

Yes, both of our body piercers are female.

Do you have a private piercing room?

Yes, our piercing room is separated from the rest of the shop. Fully enclosed by four walls for complete privacy for our clients. When you are getting your piercing, at no time are you visible to anyone else in the shop outside of the piercing room.

I'm allergic to latex, does your shop use latex gloves or other products?

No. In fact, our body piercer has a mild latex allergy herself. All of our tattoo artists and body piercers use nitrile gloves. No latex products are permitted in the shop under any circumstance. If you have other alergies that you feel the need to inform us about — feel free to tell the piercer before you go into the back.

If I have questions or problems with my piercing, is it free to stop by and have the piercer check it out?

Absolutely! If you have any questions or problems with your piercing we want to see you! Check ups are free! No question is too silly, no problem is too small! If you’re concerned, we’d like to see you back at the shop and help you with whatever problem you might be experiencing.

Do you charge separately for jewelry for piercings?

Nope, all prices we quote you ALWAYS include the jewelry. No gimmicks, no bullshit — we prefer straight upfront pricing. When we quote you a price for a piercing; that price includes everything, not a penny more.

Do you perform all piercings on minors?

No, we cannot perform microdermal implants, septum, or nipple piercings on minors, even if you have parental consent. The piercer has final say on any piercing involving a minor.

What do I need to bring with me if I'm a minor and I want a piercing?

Bring your parent or guardian. It MUST be a parent or guardian, not just anyone who is 18 or older. Older brother or sister? Sorry, not going to work. Grandparents are usually acceptable to accompany a minor for a piercing. Your parent/guardian will have to sign a release form. Make sure they bring their picture ID with them. Birth certificates are NOT necessary, unless you want to use them as a form of ID. Are you an emancipated minor? Bring your emancipation papers with you (documents given to you by the court) so we can make sure you’ll legally emancipated.

I'd like to get a microdermal implant piercing, what are the common problems you've experienced with them?

Contrary to popular belief, the most frequent problem with microdermal implants is the implant top getting caught on clothing and getting pulled out. The amount of pulling strength necessary to dislodge a dermal anchor isn’t very much. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still very important to take proper aftercare of your piercing by using recommended cleaning solutions. What we’re saying is that you have to be mindful of your new dermal piercing and be very careful to make sure it doesn’t catch on any clothing. Some useful tips concerning dermals:
For the first week or so it might be a good idea to place a small bandaid over your dermal before you go to bed. Some sleepers are very active while they’re asleep and have been known to move a lot.
If you participate in any sports it might be a good idea to wait until the season is over before you get your dermal.
If you have any babies or toddlers, be very careful when you’re holding them as more than once our clients have told us their babies have grabbed onto their dermal and tore it out.

What forms of ID do you accept?

State or federal government issued ID such as a drivers license or ID card. Military ID’s are perfectly fine, as well as passports. School ID’s are acceptable ONLY if they have your date of birth on it. School ID’s without the date of birth are not acceptable. Temporary ID’s issued by the DMV are just fine. Birth certificates are just fine.

Do you offer a discount if we bring our own jewelry for a piercing?

No, we do not offer any discount if you have your own jewelry. In fact, we cannot use jewelry you bring simply because we have no way of knowing what materials were used to make it. The State of California regulates piercing jewelry and requires retailers and piercers to use only approved materials for piercing. Due to that, we cannot accept any jewelry that we have not purchased ourselves.

Do you offer discounts for multiple piercings?

Sometimes. Depends on what you have in mind. If you’re getting multiple piercings we can and often do discount them — especially if it’s a group of people that want to get same or similar piercings. Call us at 619-575-6792 and let us know what you have in mind so we can quote the best price over the phone.

Do you remove microdermal/skin diver implants?

Yes, the price for dermal removal is $60.00 (each). If you wish to remove multiple implants in one session, the price would be $50.00 (each) for 2 or more removals. Keep in mind that the removal process can take upwards of 20-30 minutes, so make sure you have enough time set aside. It’s typically best to call ahead at 619-575-6792 to check availability.

Question not answered?

Feel free to call us at 619-575-6792

Important Note:
Minors must be accompanied by an adult and have the written consent of their parents or legal guardian to get a piercing at Wylde Sydes Tattoo & Body Piercing. In accordance with federal, CA state and local laws, Wylde Sydes Tattoo & Body Piercing may reject at its sole discretion unaccompanied minors (ID required) and customers under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

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So, you checked out the work from our artist portfolios and you want to come in for a tattoo? It’s pretty easy! You can make appointments in one of two ways:Come in to the shop to talk to an artist about the tattoo you have in mind. That way we can price your tattoo, and collect a $50 deposit. ALL appointments require a minimum deposit of at least $50. This deposit goes towards your tattoo and secures your appointment. We also begin drawing up your tattoo (if necessary).
Call over the phone to make your appointment. This is less ideal as often it can be more difficult to price a tattoo over the phone, but if we can we’ll try and give you an idea of how much your tattoo will cost. We can take credit cards over the phone for deposits.
ALL Appointments, whether done over the phone or in person, require a minimum $50.00 deposit. This is necessary to reserve your appointment, and shop policy.Keep in mind it’s ALWAYS best to come in person to talk about your tattoo, unless it’s fairly straight forward. If you aren’t sure, give us a call at 619-575-6792 and ask!


Keep in mind that often it’s best to make an appointment, especially during the busy summer season. If your tattoo requires us to draw it up, that can take some time and often that also means that it’s a good idea to make an appointment in advance so we have time to work on the drawing. We welcome walkups, just keep in mind that we may be busy the day you want to come in. The advantage of setting an appointment is that we have time to do all the prep work for your tattoo before you arrive. In some cases, the artist may need that time to actually do the creative work for your tattoo.Of course, in many cases a drawup isn’t needed because the tattoo you have in mind is very straight forward or quite simple. Just call ahead at 619-575-6792 to check on availability for any particular day.


So, you’ve made an appointment and for some reason you can’t make it. Don’t worry! Just give us a call at 619-575-6792 and we can reschedule it! Keep in mind a few very important restrictions:

We’d like to have at least 24 hours notice if you need to move your appointment. If something comes up the day of your appointment, we can still move it to another day without losing your deposit. Just give us a call and let us know.

If you don’t show up for your appointment, and you do not call us to let us know then your deposit is lost. We’re sorry, but as a business when we give you appointment times we do so with the expectation that you will be here. When that doesn’t happen, we lose out on potential business so there has to be some compensation for that lost time.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, without rescheduling you can do so and still get your deposit returned only if we haven’t begun any drawup work, otherwise, your deposit will be lost.